Technical Services
Technology Strategy & Operations

Cascade consultants are skilled in architecting and delivering enterprise solutions across a broad range of technical platforms. We provide analysis, design, planning, and implementation for our clients to enable them to be effective, efficient and flexible in executing their strategies.

We develop models for clients that reflect the desired state of business process integration and business process standardization to successfully deliver goods or services to their customers, providing customized architecture and design documentation that describes the system requirements our clients need.

We have deep expertise in delivering three tier architectures and highly secure role-based security models as well as scale integration and deployment efforts.

Cascade helps clients ensure that their data centers effectively support their businesses. We provide thorough assessment, detailed planning, and careful execution of data center initiatives, whether business or technology-driven, to support business growth, align with overall market or industry changes, comply with industry or governmental regulations or to support other mission-critical services that are unique for each client.

We assure our clients that critical considerations are accounted for and addressed as we develop data center strategy, architecture and an implementation model that is cohesive and manageable.

Some of these considerations are:

  • Stakeholder management
  • Communication and seamless transition
  • Business continuity, disaster recovery, security
  • Processes, procedures, documentation, service and operating level agreements
  • Asset management, maintenance and license management, data center facility management, change control

Security is the basis for trusted business transactions, both within and outside the enterprise. Cascade helps clients meet their security needs for protecting critical or sensitive data or information pertaining to the business, such as customer data, financial records, intellectual property or product launch information, while providing this critical data to authorized users and providing flexibility for off-premises work, B2B strategic communications and data sharing.

We design and develop secure integrated systems leveraging Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Microsoft Active Directory (AD). We can help with complex AD Group Policies, Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and integrated AD Security with other backend systems. With events monitored in real time, automated incidence responses provided, real threats and false positives easily detected, and alerts and reports generated quickly, our clients have peace of mind in conducting their business.

Cascade provides well-structured, comprehensive, disaster recovery plans to meet our clients’ specific requirements. We recognize that systems and data availability is a top priority for business continuity and customer satisfaction. The goal of our Hardware and Disaster Recovery Analysis and Remediation practice is to minimize potential impacts and costs brought by disasters. Our work includes the following:

  • Performance of risk analysis based on potential disaster scenarios
  • Analysis of the business applications and the business process dependencies
  • Identification and prioritization of mission-critical functions or services
  • Determination of recovery time objectives
  • Recommendation and implementation of appropriate disaster mitigation measures (including off-site data back-up and storage and redundant servers)
  • Testing and monitoring of implemented disaster recovery plans