Technical Services
Enterprise Applications

Cascade recognizes that business intelligence (BI) and Big Data models, tools and systems play a key role in the decision-making and strategic planning process of organizations. Because businesses need meaningful and useful information, we design and develop business intelligence solutions specific to each client’s needs such as:

  • Customer profiling, market segmentation
  • Competitive research
  • Product profitability, sales analysis
  • Inventory and distribution analysis
  • Financial reporting across various business units

Since data is typically available in raw or unstructured format, we provide clients with our expertise in methodologies, architectures and technologies to transform data into meaningful and useful information. This enables clients to easily access information, perform self-service reporting and analysis, and extract insights from reports generated with reduced cycle times - while in the back-end, providing a system that is easy to implement, administer and manage.

Cascade provides a unique combination of industry and technology experts with deep experience in global logistics software implementation. Our consultants guide businesses through the configuration, development, testing, data migration, implementation, and post implementation phases of a typical transition to an application solutions for logistics and supply chain management.

Cascade is a certified WiseService Partner. We provide professional services and training for the implementation and optimization of the CargoWise One application for logistics, brokerage and supply chain management. Our implementation capabilities extend beyond standard implementation to include complex integration with customers, government agencies, airlines and steamship lines through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and other third party applications.

Our CargoWise One clients achieve benefits such as:

  • Compliance with frequently changing and complex import / export regulations
  • Peace of mind with best practice solutions guided by a community of expert users
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Rapid scalability at predictable costs
  • Success not only from a technology perspective but also from an organizational and customer impact standpoint

Cascade helps clients select, plan, implement, and manage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, significantly improving the quality and efficiency of their businesses.

Cascade has Subject Matter Experts in various modules that comprise an ERP system, for example: finance, procurement, product lifecycle management, supply chain management, logistics, warehouse management and customer relationship management. Our clients have the confidence and peace of mind that an ERP solution we recommend and implement will meet their unique needs.

Cascade recognizes that each client has a unique set of needs and requirements to effectively support their business workflows and operations. Cascade brings its expertise in designing and developing cost-effective custom applications that support these workflows and operations from front-end to back-end, including web applications for both the intranet and extranet. These applications can reduce costs, accelerate revenue generation or enable flexibility in dealing with business or regulatory changes.

Our solutions are based on three-tiered applications (data, business logic, user interface) that utilize appropriate technologies (browsers, languages, web services, data models) for each of our clients’ specific needs. For web applications such as an e-Commerce website, benefits are particularly optimized because of device independence, low impact deployment, rapid updates, horizontal scalability, centralized data storage or ubiquitous network access.

Our solutions can be on self-hosted servers, Cascade-hosted servers, data centers or cloud-based.

Cascade can take the lead for our clients’ systems integration projects and transform their systems without disrupting their customers or general business operations to increase revenue, save costs, accelerate innovation, improve system efficiency or to be agile in responding to changes in their business environment.

Cascade has deep expertise in working with multiple complex independent systems that demand careful attention to each of our clients’ existing processes, business rules, interfaces, data stores and a broad range of technologies. We are often able to access and modify data not exposed through standard interfaces.