Technical Services
Customer Experience & Collaboration

User interface, particularly Graphic User Interface (GUI), is an important design element for visual communications with electronic devices and applications. Cascade integrates this into its application development work so our clients have a strong foundation for worker productivity, operational efficiencies, ease of use, brand identity or service delivery.

We are thorough in using various aspects of graphics design – layout, typography, color and texture, imagery, graphics, animation, sequencing, sound and visual identity to optimize user experience.

Cascade stays ahead of the latest trends affecting mobile computing. Today’s reality is that mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have become so ubiquitous that these devices are now increasingly utilized to improve workforce productivity, offering customers and business partners a mobile alternative to traditional online systems for order capture, workflow, status updates and sales support.

The number of mobile operating systems, web browsers and connectivity options can be really challenging. Cascade is experienced in developing interfaces that work seamlessly across disparate systems, enabling clients to benefit from mobile platforms while still delivering a rich customer experience. We leverage industry-compliant web services and offer an integrated approach to building mobile solutions for tablets or smartphones.

Our solutions help minimize our clients’ initial and ongoing maintenance costs while ensuring tighter integration with backend systems.

Cascade supports collaboration solutions (VoIP, Video, Conferencing, Desktop Sharing and Content Management) to improve teaming, collaboration and connectedness. We deliver these through solutions that are well-architected and implemented based on the communications needs of clients, helping define appropriate solutions to prevent technical performance issues such as jitter, poor video quality or missing features.

We perform network and infrastructure assessment, recommend and drive remediation activities, employ an integrated approach to implementation of appropriate collaboration solutions and provide post deployment support. Our technical experts are experienced not only in Microsoft Lync deployments for unified communications across the enterprise but also in building interfaces to related systems, such as contact center, billing, monitoring and archiving applications.

This includes the development of custom CTI (Computer Telephony Interfaces) and IVR (Integrated Voice Response) applications as well as integrations to content management solutions such as SharePoint. We integrate high availability and disaster recovery scenarios to achieve resiliency and enable business continuity.