What Makes Cascade Unique

Focused on Measurable Value

We deliver high-value business consulting and technical services that achieve measurable impacts on a customer’s business - reducing cost, improving revenue, streamlining a process or improving customer experience.

Attention to Client Needs

We focus on our clients’ needs and objectives. We ensure there is clear understanding of our clients’ expectations, carefully iterating statements of work with our clients, articulating the deliverables in a clear way and being candid with our clients as to what we can do and how we will do it.

Consulting Excellence

We bring industry best practices to each engagement, leveraging this experience to improve our clients’ businesses. We match our experienced consultants to the work at hand. Most importantly, we “roll up our sleeves” as a business partner, helping our clients successfully manage and lead a variety of complex projects and initiatives.


Through ongoing contact with our clients during the project lifecycle, we ensure we meet their needs and expectations as committed to in the scope. We utilize proven repeatable processes, providing our clients with a structured approach that leads to the greatest opportunity for success, while providing methods and structure that our clients can use well into the future.