Operations & Process Improvement

Cascade’s Operations and Process Improvement Practice covers the following areas of expertise:


A well implemented continuous improvement program can serve as a fundamental element of an organization’s overall business strategy, driving the organization to improve performance, close strategic capability gaps and help them achieve strategic goals and objectives.

Continuous improvement programs are aligned with the strategic needs and priorities of the business. Cascade assists clients with the implementation of continuous improvement programs based on the fusion of Strategy Deployment/Hoshin Kanri techniques, Lean Thinking, Six Sigma Structured Problem Solving and Kaizen Methodology.

  • Strategy Deployment/Hoshin Kanri - Insures linkage, alignment, and accountability
  • Lean - eliminates waste and non-value adding activities to simplify processes
  • Six Sigma - provides structured problem-solving and reduction of process variation
  • Kaizen Blitz - facilitates employee engagement and a culture of continuous improvement

These principles are no longer intended just for manufacturing. Cascade has assisted clients to implement Lean Six Sigma-based continuous improvement programs across industries such as Banking, Insurance, High Tech, Healthcare, Aerospace, Food Processing and Governmental Agencies. We have applied our continuous improvement methods to not only traditional manufacturing operations but to the extended supply chain, sales process, training delivery, transactional processing and organizational design in helping our clients improve the quality and efficiency of these activities.

We enable our clients to transform their business through end-to-end systemic workflows to reduce errors and increase throughput, matching the best technologies and available solutions to our clients’ specific needs and environments.

We help our clients identify the Stage, Action, and Roles (SARS) for each workflow to provide accountability and access control for individual processes. We provide detailed reporting and visibility of process steps, enabling our clients to make timely decisions to reduce costs and increase focus on their customers.

Cascade has the expertise to help our clients transform their business by improving workflows. We are bold in rethinking, redesigning and retooling our clients’ critical workflows and their contribution to the value chain - to improve their customers’ experience, increase productivity and lower operational costs. This work includes: simplifying and automating processes, the identification and mitigation of bottlenecks, improving resource utilization and implementing metrics and measurement to drive on-going process improvement.

Cascade works with clients to develop metrics for measuring the health and success of programs we implement. We develop balanced scorecards and participate in post-implementation financial reviews to compare actual project results with those projected.

We help ensure our clients get accurate information on time. We identify and recommend courses of action to address issues or problems, continuously monitoring progress and keeping stakeholders well-informed of progress. We focus on achieving program or project results; increased productivity, improved operational efficiency, quicker turnaround and improved quality.

Cascade helps clients increase profitability through improved capacity and asset utilization, improved operating costs, reduced working capital requirements, accelerated speed-to-market and improved service levels. Cascade is highly experienced in the following areas:

  • Structured analysis, rethinking or redesign of logistics management systems or business processes affecting the supply chain
  • Supplier or vendor selection
  • Inventory modeling, reduction and control
  • Warehousing and distribution operations
  • Reverse logistics (returns policy, management, processing)
  • Third party partnering, service optimization (including finished goods and spare parts distribution, reverse logistics, returns processing, repairs and warranties, as well as field service management)

Cascade has delivered projects across the globe, providing consistency in the adoption of best practices regardless of the theater.

Cascade actively helps clients benefit from the synergies of mergers and acquisitions, defining the integration work that needs to be performed and helping to oversee the process. Through integrated planning and communication methodologies, we manage not only the merging of multiple systems but also organizations, teams and cultures.

We put mechanisms in place that allow our clients to realize the benefits of their merger and acquisition initiatives as articulated in the strategic rationale - increasing value generation, achieving cost efficiency through economies of scale, increasing revenue or market share and improving long-term profitability.

For some of our clients, outsource business models are an ideal strategic fit to their business. Cascade helps clients review and model whether an outsource relationship is strategically, operationally and financially right for their business.

Cascade provides Business Outsourcing advisory services for front office outsourcing (customer service or call centers), or back office outsourcing (human resources, finances or accounting), contract manufacturing and logistics operations (distribution, returns or repair centers). Cascade is skilled in helping clients with BPO vendor selection, contracting, transition risk mitigation strategies and the establishment of on-going vendor management structures.

Cascade has delivered post-merger integration and transition support in a variety of capacities including:

  • Future state operating model design, including organization, business process and system considerations
  • Data Migration strategy and execution support
  • Identification of redundant systems and sun-setting planning and execution support
  • Acquisition integration framework and methodology design
  • Venture integration value assessment frameworks, tools and processes development
  • Program and project management support